11th May 2017

The Guardian: Prague's cryptocurrency cafe: a perfect brew of beans and bitcoins

Prague has long been home to opulent coffeehouses, where everyone from Kafka to Einstein gathered to debate the burning issues of the day. Fast forward to the 21st century and the tradition of the coffeehouse as radical hub continues in the form of Paralelní Polis’s Bitcoin Coffee in the suburb of Holešovice, The Guardian writes.

Founded by anarchic ethical hacker collective Ztohoven, the cavernous ground floor space is fitted with the industrial light fittings and paper honeycomb furniture found in hip cafes, but there’s a difference – the only form of payment accepted is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Barista Alžběta Svobodová even has a chip implanted in her wrist so she’s never without her virtual wallet. “We want to introduce Bitcoin to people from the street,” she explains. “The cafe is a tool to do that.”

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