24th April 2018

TravelBird: Green Cities Index: Prague ranks 6th among 50 cities

TravelBird's Green Cities Index recognises the cities currently making large efforts to be sustainable by preserving ecological areas, as well as those increasing their man-made green locations. It analysed city maps from across the world, and is the ultimate guide for nature lovers and environmentally-minded travellers alike.

The organization picked 50 cities, focusing on prominent city break destinations. They then analysed the area within the city limits of each location against three main categories of green space; Natural, Man-Made and Food Production. Within each larger criteria, they calculated the amount of varying types of greenery such as woodlands, public gardens, parks, golf courses, orchards, vineyards, farms and more.

To better understand how the green spaces in these cities might impact a traveller’s experience, they present the data in terms of square metre per person. For example, the results show how many square metres of park or woodland each city has for every inhabitant. This creates an easy visualisation of how much green space a visitor could benefit from during a trip. In addition, they calculated the percentage that each type of green space accounts for in every destination. The study reveals not only the best urban areas for residents in terms of environment, but also pinpoints vacations for eco-conscious travellers.

Vienna ranks 17th. Full details.



Source: TravelBird

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