26th August 2020

Vending Machines with Protective Gear at Prague Airport

Alongside disposable airway covers, i.e. face masks, the installed vending machines offer respirators, protective shields, disinfectants and other hygienic aids, either in individual pieces or in sets. Vending machines are located in both terminals in both the public and restricted areas of the airport.

The vending machine offer includes either one piece of KN95 respirator for a price from CZK 89, disinfectant gels for a price from CZK 99, a package of five or more Czech-made face masks starting at CZK 125 or travel packages that contain, for example, a shield, a gel and face masks or a face mask set and gloves. There are a total of four vending machines at Prague Airport, two located in the non-public areas of both terminals and two in the public areas of the terminals. Thus, passengers can purchase protective equipment both on departure and on arrival. The operator of the vending machines is Dahican Consulting, s. r. o., the winner of a public tender.



Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic