24th November 2013

Good Governnance: Government to adopt easier foreigners’ employment

On the next session on 20 November, the Government passed an amendment to Immigration Act (zákon o cizincích) and Asylum Act (zákon o pobytu). The Bill that the Government passed implements the EU directive on granting the working permit. The directive aims at simplifying of employment of foreigners (citizens of third states). The amendment therefore combines the grant on working permit and permanent residence permit. Those foreigners who are permitted the permanent residence are simultaneously granted the working permit. According to the Bill, foreigners applied for the working permit even if they were not permitted the permanent residence. In the future, the working permit should be integrated in the so-called occupational card that allows a foreigner both to reside in the Czech Republic and to work. The issuance of the occupational card is authorized by the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Labor keeps the register of job vacancies. On the one hand, the EU intends to simplify requirements that the foreigner have to undergo in order to be granted the permission. On the other hand, the amendment should also enable easier supervision of employment. The EU directive claims ongoing positive effects; employers as well as employments offices should be relieved the administrative burden that is connected to foreigners’ employment.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic