1st December 2020

What legal services are needed when a company hires foreign employees

We regularly advise our clients:

  • What requirements must be met in order for a foreign worker to move to the Czech Republic, possibly with family members
  • What are the employer's obligations when applying for a residence permit
  • What effect does the fact that the employee does not receive a residence permit have on the employment relationship
  • How to apply for a residence permit for employees sent from abroad, how to correctly determine the type of stay, what documents must be attached and within what period must the application be submitted
  • How to proceed in the event of dismissal of the employee or transfer to another job or employer

Who are our services for?

We provide our services to large multinational companies that send foreign managers to the Czech Republic to various positions, from top to middle management, as well as to manufacturing plants or industrial companies employing a large number of foreign workers, often from countries outside the European Union, and to language schools or translation agencies employing native speakers mainly from English, German or French speaking countries. Our clients also include scientific organizations, which most often deal with short-term stays of foreign workers in our country, as well as other similar organisations. We have transparent price table and we work for fixed prices.

We can help you with: 

  • Long-term stays
  • Short-term stays
  • Work permits
  • Bridging visa
  • Identification number
  • Legal aid for employers
  • Temporary stay
  • Visa expiration watch

Download our new brochure HERE. For more information, please contact our legal team, Marek Bomba or Alena Šíchová.

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