17th July 2020

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: Educational Institute for Responsible Public Procurement to open in September

The Institute of Responsible Public Procurement brings a comprehensive educational system to public procurement specialists who want to acquire comprehensive knowledge in the field. From September, a series of seminars will be launched, after which participants will receive a certificate and at the same time will have the opportunity to sign up for other specialized courses. Contracting authorities can thus use the Institute to develop the competencies of their customers, internal customers from specialist departments and other strategic purchasing specialists.

The training at the Institute of Responsible Public Procurement will be provided free of charge as part of the project "Responsible Approach to Public Procurement - Strategic Public Procurement," implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The institute will operate until 2023, ie for the duration of the project. This is an offer of long-term education, however, it will be possible to enroll in courses throughout the period. The seminars will take place not only in person, but also as video seminars or e-learning. The courses will include theory, but will also largely be based on examples of good practice both from the Czech Republic and abroad. You can already find more information about the Institute's plans on the http://sovz.cz/ website.



More details are attached below (in Czech).

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