21st August 2015

Good Governance: Microsoft through Better Place App is looking for 10,000 good deeds in Czech Republic

Better Place app is part of the Microsoft campaign #Upgrade Your World, running to promote the launch of Windows 10. The aim of this Czech campaign is to find 10,000 good deeds and support Better Place, which does good things every day. Better Place (an app and website) is a social responsibility platform and network which can locate, take pictures and comment on places which can and should be better. Better Place can transparently and instantly convey the information to the municipality which can deal with the change. Companies and NGO’s are also part of the collaboration system, as is everyone who is using the Better Place app. Anyone can suggest and be part of the solution because the app also enables users to easily and conveniently volunteer and contribute resources to projects. Municipalities, companies, organizations or citizens can present a solution immediately. The Better Place app has more functionalities; it can collate data by hashtag use; it can present the projects of NGO’s or foundations and it can act as a cooperation platform for the public and private sector.

How Better Place works.

Better place for everyone. Make better place in your surroundings for the better life of everyone. Number of users 5,193 (still increasing).

Better place for the municipalitiesTransparent system of the improving tips and requirements of citizens. The task can be easily posted to the responsible department and officer. 97 of the municipalities involved, but the tips for improvement can be sent from any place in Czech Republic and responsible departments will be informed and involved.

Better place for companies and businessmenGood reputation. New orders. Effective communication with employees. 48 participating companies.


Details in Czech attached bellow.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic