22nd July 2014

Companies don’t agree with higher minimum wage

On 22 July the Confederation of Industry and Transportation announced that it doesn’t agree with the promised raise of the level of minimum wage as it was the part of results when negotiating the name of the future Czech Euro Commissioner candidate. The wage should grow by another CZK 700 to total CZK 9 200. Earlier before employers during the tripartity said that CZK 9 000 is their maximum upper limit. The Czech Chamber of Commerce didn’t go publicly against this proposal. The change from 500 to 700 growth will cost additional CZK 750 million. Minimum wage was already raised last year by CZK 500 to CZK 8500. This further growth will influence approximately 100 000 people which make roughly 2 % of employees. In the coalition agreement the parties pledged to raise minimum wage up to 40 % of average wage which was last year CZK 25 128 that is CZK 10 000.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic