27th November 2014

Companies have founded Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic

On Thursday 27 November the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic has been founded at the premises of CzechInvest. The 12 founding members are IQ Structures s.r.o., NANOVIA s.r.o., nanoSPACE s.r.o., Advanced Materials - JTJ s.r.o., SPUR a.s., NanoTrade s.r.o., ASIO, spol. s r.o., PARDAM, s.r.o., Výzkumný Technologický Institut s.r.o., HE3DA s.r.o., JIMIPLET, s.r.o. a NAFIGATE Corporation, a.s. The aim of the association is to expand and develop the reputation of Czech nanotechnology industry that is globally recognized. It focuses on finding additional support and cooperation opportunities at the academic and commercial level. Jiří Fusek, Specialist on Nanotechnology of CzechInvest, added that the Czech excelled in the field of nanofibers and optics where they could build on tradition and discoveries of professors Jirsák and Delong. He also stressed that the Association had the potential to raise the profile of the Czech Republic as the superpower in nanotechnology in the eyes of foreign investors.

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