6th October 2014

Comparison of Quality of Life in Regional Cities

On Monday 6th October journal Aktuálně.cz presented its analysis on the quality of life in the regional cities according to the Czech Statistical Office data. The analysis and subsequent comparison is based on use of 15 factor comparison for each city. The maximum overall score was 13 points and Hradec Králové that ranked first as the most desirable city got 8.7 points. The assessed factors were various ranging from the quality of air based on the flying dust particles to life expectancy or unemployment rate. Hradec Králové scored especially in the life expectancy, high employment rate of women with low criminality (compared to Prague with high employment rate and high criminality). Second ranked Jihlava with very little space used for construction and very clean environment. Prague on the contrary ranked 9th. Also Pardubice ranked relatively high with their good transportation accessibility and commuting possibility. Despite the rapid improvement of living conditions in Ostrava in past ten years it still ended on the last place.

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