5th December 2019

Czech Banking Association: Chamber of Deputies approves BankID/SONIA

Chamber of Deputies, the Lower House of the Czech Parliament, approved a parliamentary bill on the use of electronic banking identity, also known as BankID or SONIA.

Banks have been working together on the use of banking identity under the auspices of the Czech Banking Association for more than a year - as part of the project SONIA.

"Although the legislative process is not yet complete, it can already be said that a fundamental and convincing shift towards the creation of SONIA / BankID has been made, which will find wide application both for efficient and user-friendly communication between citizens and state and local authorities, "The Czech Republic is now on the way to the unprecedented digitization of state administration - stepping towards its own citizens,"  Filip Hanzlík, Deputy Executive Director of the Czech Banking Association.

The proposal is now heading to the Senate, the Upper House of the Czech Parliament. If the legislative process continues smoothly, citizens will be able to use their electronic banking login details to communicate with the state and private companies by 2021 at the latest.


>> Read more details and a full article by the Czech Banking Association.


More about banking identity and its functioning at  https://bankovni-identita.cz

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