24th June 2015

Czech Statistical Office: Health care expenditures increase slows down

According to the June edition of the Czech Statistical Office journal Statistika a my, health care expenditures in the Czech Republic rose from 219bn CZK in 2005 to 292bn CZK in 2013, with households health care spending amounting to 23bn CZK and 42bn CZK, respectively (i.e.+83%, while the expenditures of health insurance companies rose by 31% only).

The greatest part of expenditures of households covers medicaments, medical devices, direct dental procedures, various fees and certificates, and aesthetic surgery procedures. Since 2011, households expenditures on prescription drugs have been stable above 9bn CZK. Over-the-counter drugs sales peaked in 2012, reaching more then 12bn CZK. The state collected 5.49bn CZK on regulatory fees in 2013, an increase by 3 percentage points compared with 2012. The costs of treatment of oncology patients rose by almost one-fifth between 2012 and 2013, from 16.7bn CZK to 19.1bn CZK. Read more.

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