15th January 2015

CzechTourism to be more pro-trade

Newly appointed Director of CzechTourism agency Monika Palatková presents her vision of further development and functioning of the agency. Her primary goal is to transform the CzechTourism to more pro trade oriented. According to her words the agency should transform itself into renowned marketing agency securing competitiveness and constant growth of value of “the Czech Republic” brand in both the domestic and foreign markets. The marketing concept should be based on focus on regional development, allocation of funds based on the effectivity criteria and partner marketing along with the use of modern ICT. The main goals for the 2015 are the creation of network of partners bringing both economic and non-economic benefits, measurability and monitoring of organizational activities in while keeping the use of economic funds in mind, change of the perception of the Czech Republic brand and increasing the loyalty of visitors to this brand along with the change of perception of tourism by the residents of the Czech Republic towards the image of important economic branch with the stress on regional development.

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