24th July 2017

Euractiv.com: Czech government insists migration controls should precede relocation demands

It makes no sense to share a burden over which we have no control, the Czech government said in response to the criticism of its failure to comply with EU migrant relocation quotas. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.

The Czech government disapproves of the European Commission’s criticism of its non-compliance with the EU’s refugee relocation quotas.

Prague claims that the scheme, designed to help Italy and Greece, does not work and that Europe should focus its efforts on other measures to tackle the migration crisis.

This argument was central to the Czech reply to the Commission’s letter of formal notice, sent in mid-June, after the EU executive launched infringement procedures with the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

“Our response is based on the same arguments we have been using since the beginning – that the relocation scheme has many technical flaws, which cannot be solved without putting forward other initiatives,” Czech State Secretary for EU Affairs Aleš Chmelař told EURACTIV.cz.

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