8th April 2017

Euractiv.com: Czech transport minister: EU labour law for truckers must avoid East-West divide

The European Commission is expected to propose changes to employment law for truck drivers and rules on road tolls in May. Czech Transport Minister Dan Ťok suggested a compromise and said he isn’t ready to challenge Germany’s controversial road toll bill.

Dan Ťok serves as transport minister for the Czech Republic.

Ťok spoke to EURACTIV.com’s Catherine Stupp.


There has been a lot of disagreement between western EU countries and some of the eastern member states about whether the posting of workers directive should apply to the road transport sector. Do you think there is a need for a change to EU law to clarify whether, or how, posting of workers rules applies to truck drivers?

Our original position is that there is no change needed. I think we should not overregulate Europe. On the other hand, I do agree that there are problems which need to be dealt with and resolved. If we have no other choice than to revise this directive, we should do it in a way which will not build a new curtain between eastern and western parts of Europe. We need to do things that are reasonable and help the situation, not build new barriers.

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