23rd November 2014

Food for the charity

On Saturday 22nd November the National Collection of Food took place all over the Czech Republic. This event is being organized by the corporate social responsibility platform With Business for Society in cooperation with Czech Federation of Food Banks and Salvation Army in order to highlight the fact that 15.4 % of the Czech population is endangered by poverty and social exclusion and also that the food that is shortly before its expiration is rather destroyed than donated to the charity by the supermarkets due to the 15 % VAT. Czech Ministry of Finance already promised to address this matter and reduce the tax on food donated for charitable purposes to zero or near zero value. During this year people donated more than 173 tons of food which is three times more than in the previous year when the event was organized for the first time. People could donate food in stores of Tesco, Penny Market, Kaufland, Albert, Globus, dm and online at damejidlo.cz.

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