31st December 2015

Government lists important tasks accomplished in 2015

The Czech Government published a list of successfully completed tasks in 2015. These include: 

1. Lower unemployment

2. Economic growth exceeding 4%

3. Higher wages

4. EU funds disimbursement

5. Increase in minimum wage

6. Termination of fees in health care

7. Termination of the second tier of the pension system. Support to the third tier.

8. Lower taxation of medicaments and books

9. Lower taxation for families with more children

10. Act on Civil Service took effect

11. Contracts made public

12. Higher taxation of hazard

13. Increase in budgets for the police, army and information service

14. Combating the issue of termination of employment contracts with teachers for summer

15. New rules for financing of sport

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic