19th October 2014

Government Raised State Employees’ Salaries

On its meeting on Wednesday 15th October government decided that it would raise state employees’ salaries by 3.5 %. That is on average raise by 650 CZK. Among affected personnel belong firemen, policemen, soldiers, teachers, workers in the field of culture, employees of Employment Office and Financial Office. This raise in salaries is the biggest since 2009 and is related to governmental efforts to improve the quality of offered public services and to boost the consumption of households. The total amount of money allocated to this raise of salaries is approximately 1bn CZK originating from the savings on the expenditure side of the budget. This measure is entirely supported by the tripartite and by the union officials. Additionally from the 1st January 2015 policemen and firemen will get another 1.5 % and healthcare and social workers additional 5 % raise in their salaries. As a result the average state employee salary should be higher by 1244 CZK reaching 25 878 CZK in total.

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