12th August 2014

Group for the assessment of impact of sanctions convened for the first time

On Tuesday 12th August the Workgroup for the Assessment of Impact of Sanctions originating from Ukrainian crisis convened for the first time. Minister of Finance, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of foreign Affairs and some chosen social and economic partners were present there. State Secretary for the European Affairs said that the main goal of the workgroup was to evaluate data from the sectors influenced by both EU sanctions and sanctions from the Russian Federation side. Ministry of Agriculture will also produce an analysis of impact on agriculture and it is going to present the material in the matter of days and it will also closely cooperate with its partners in EU. Ministry of Industry and Commerce will on the other hand observe the situation of procurement with oil and natural gas and the amount of Czech reserves. The group is to convene on 18th August again and the outcomes of it would serve as a material for the Government meeting.

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