25th June 2018

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 3,000 skilled workers per year will be able to come from Serbia and work in the Czech Republic

At its meeting on June 22, 2018, the Government of the Czech Republic decided to increase the capacity for applications for employee cards for qualified workers from Serbia under the so-called Serbia regime, which is to take effect on 1 September 2018.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade, Serbian capital city, currently receives roughly 1,000 applications per year, and has already accepted 700 applications this year. Overall, the Embassy will be able to process up to 3,000 applications per year under the Serbia regime. 

The decision to increase the application quota is a response to the persisting situation on the Czech labor market, the problems of Czech employers with hiring of labor force and the interest of Czech employers in skilled workers from Serbia.

Since February 2018, regime Ukraine allows for up to 20,000 applications per year for employee cards. Also, a regime for Mongolia and for the Philippines was introduced with an annual capacity of 1,000 applications submitted at each of the respective embassies.


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