14th September 2017

Ministry of Transport: Under the new law, billboards will disappear from motorways and ŘSD will start monitoring illegal banners

After a five-year transitional period, billboard owners face a statutory duty to remove their advertising banners from the protection zone of motorways and category I roads within five business days after 1 September. Subsequently, ŘSD, the motorway authority, will start monitoring the places where illegal billboards are located, which now have nothing to do in the motorway and road protection zones.

"From September 1, the owners of these advertising facilities have five working days to remove them under the new Roads Act. After that, the individual motorway administration and maintenance centres of ŘSD will monitor where billboards are located by motorways in the protection zone of 250 meters and alongside category I roads in the 50m protection zone. It will gradually hand over inputs to the road administration office, i.e. the Ministry of Transport and/or to the regional office that shall then issue a call," explains the transport minister Dan Ťok.

After having learned about the existence of a billboard located in way that does not correspond with the law, it will call the owner to remove it and the owner must then remove the billboard within five days. If the owner does not remove the billboard, the office must ensure the covering and subsequent disposal at the expense of the owner within 15 working days.

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