1st July 2014

Panda diplomacy by the Czech Republic

As international relations and international business already know the term “panda diplomacy” which describes Chinese efforts to boost its international and business relations by sending panda bears to its partner’s zoos we could encounter similar policy also in the Czech Republic. As the Czech Republic and its zoos are renowned for breeding endangered Przewalski horse sending them back to Mongolia to their original habitat in Gobi desert significantly boosts Czech economic relations with Mongolia as it was confirmed by Mongol Minister of Environment Sanjaasuren Oyun who offered Czech companies contracts in the area of hydrogeology and waste disposal. Previous year this “panda diplomacy” contributed to Czech export to Mongolia in amount of CZK 300 million and of 415 million the year before. Also Mongolian Minister of construction and urbanism Tsevelmaa Bayarsaikhan promised closer cooperation with the Czech Republic.

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