8th March 2018

planes.cz: Added flights from Prague, launch of new connections with Brno postponed

Ryanair, a low-cost airline, today announced that from the start of the winter schedule it will not only launch three previously announced routes to Amman, Paris (Beauvais) and Pisa, but will also add flights to Israeli Ejlatu and Moroccan Marrakech, planes.cz writes. More details.

From 2 July, Cyprus Airways will have a Monday rotation flights from Larnaca to Prague (scheduled on Friday, starting 1 June), according to planes.cz. More details.

The Norwegian low-cost company announced that it will start operations on the new route from Göteborg to Prague from 27 April.  More

Ryanair put on sale tickets for a new line between Pisa and Prague. More.

Czech Airlines announced the strengthening of the domestic line from Prague to Ostrava. From early May, Czech Airlines' ATR will fly to Ostrava more often. Night line OK 20/21 will fly on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 22:00 from Prague and will return on the following day at 5:25 (from mid June to mid September the Saturday flight from Ostrava will be shifted to 9:20). The morning line OK 22/23 will depart on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Prague at 7 o'clock and from Ostrava at 8:30. light time is always 1 hour. CSA offers return tickets including fees and checked baggage from 1490, - CZK. More.

LOT, as announced by Prague Airport, will increase the number of flights between Warsaw and Prague May 3, 2018. More details.

As part of the increase of the number of transfer flights, Ryanair added the possibility of transfer flights from Prague to Cagliari and Lamezia. Upon transfer in Bergamo, passengers will not have to pass the passport control and new check-in, and their luggage can be picked up in the destination. More.



In order to repair the surface of the 04/22 runway, Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport will be closed on April 22, 2018 from 00:00 on April 21 to 23:00. At this time only flights of police and rescue helicopters will be allowed in life-threatening emergency situations, planes.cz writes. More details

Bohumil Šimek, the governor of the South Moravian Region, said that the launch of the region-supported flights from Brno Airport was postponed. At the end of 2017, the region with the city of Brno established a company owning a 65% share of Romanian Blue Air assuming that five new connections would be launched at the beginning of March (Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Kiev, Milan and Rome). Already in January, the flight schedule should have been announced. However, according to the current statement of the governor, the flights will not be launched, the reason, being complicated negotiations. More details.

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