14th September 2017

Prague.tv: Consumers get more rights in telecom contracts

A new law will change the contract terms for telecom contracts. The Amendment to the Electronic Communications Act takes effect Sept. 2, and it applies to both previously concluded and new contracts, Raymond Johnston writes for Prague.tv.

The amendment reduces the notice period for contracts to a maximum of 30 days. Previously the time was not regulated, and each service provider set their own terms. Rules for mobile phones, internet service providers and other publicly available electronic communications services will be made more stringent.

“The amendment, after three years, changes the anti-consumer provisions that significantly reduced competition in the telecommunications market,” Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ) chairman Jaromír Novák said in a press release.

There is also a change in the way contracts are renewed for a fixed term. Previously, if a person was not interested in automatically renewing a contract, he or she had to tell the provider that he did not agree with the automatic renewal at a specified time. Now the automatic renewal of a fixed-term contract takes place only if the customer gives his or her demonstrable consent. Otherwise, it becomes an indefinite contract.

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