24th September 2012

Private Member’s Bill: transparent grants awarding

Currently, there is a Private Member’s Bill in the internal comment procedure that deals with transparency of grants awarding process at the regional level. The Bill intends to amendment the existing Act on Budget Rules of Regional Budgets (zákon o rozpočtových pravidlech územních rozpočtů). The purpose of the amendment is to obligatorily regulate the process of grants awarding at the regional level. The Bill stipulates that any grants to be paid out of the regional budgets have to be announced within 15 days before the period in which any applicants for the grant may ask for money. Then the Bill regulates how long the period has to be when the applicants may raise their requests. Stating that, the Bill also regulates that the list of applicants has to be publicized; at the same time, the following list consists of successful applicants with the purpose of the grant, the unsuccessful applicants with explanation why the grant has not been awarded to them. 
The Bill should come into force at the time of its declaration at the legal code. The Bill is heading to the governmental session that has not set the term of further discussion.
For further information regarding the Bill, click here (explanatory report).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic