25th January 2016

Radio Prague: Labour ministry unveils pilot project to increase labour mobility

According to labour offices there are approximately 100,000 vacancies on the market which are proving hard to fill long-term. Companies looking for workers usually solve the problem by taking on foreign workers from Poland or Ukraine. The Labour Ministry is now preparing to launch a pilot project aimed at increasing labour mobility in regions where unemployment is traditionally high by making it advantageous for people to travel to work rather than staying on the dole. Labour Minister Michaela Marksová says the project should benefit both individuals and companies, Radio Prague informed.

An EU funded pilot project should be launched in four regions – Usti, South Moravia, Olomouc and Moravia-Silesia – where hundreds of unemployed persons will be offered a financial contribution to cover part or most of their travel expenditures. Applications will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and the financial contribution will only be given in cases where it is obvious that the applicant does not have the chance of securing a job they are qualified for within a ten to twenty kilometer distance from their home.

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