29th January 2018

Radio Prague: Visegrad group meets to debate EU and regional issues

The prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland debated the establishment of a regional development bank, European issues and bilateral cooperation on 26 January, Radio Prague reported.


Besides the question of mandatory migrant qoutas, another big topic on the agenda of the V4 summit was the proposed creation of a Central European Development Bank on the reasoning that European funds for such projects are restricted and might dry up in the future. The idea has strong backing from Poland and Hungary who argue that Central Europe should look outside of Europe for cheaper investment funds, but was cold-shouldered by the Czech prime minister. Mr. Babis said ahead of the talks that while he would gladly listen to his partner’s arguments, the Czech Republic’s primary responsibility was to maintain the country’s own investment banks in good condition - the Czech Export Bank and the Czech-Moravian Development Bank, according to Radio Prague.

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