18th April 2017

Radio Praha: Czech exports have soared in the ever growing Australian market

It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but Czech exports to far away Australia are booming with total export turnover having almost tripled in five years. Australia has not been one of the biggest exports for Czech firms in the past. Distance and the lack of many solid cultural and historical links were partly to blame but business now appears to be picking up in a significant way.

Czech firms have in the recent past tripled their exports to Australia. From the fairly modest total of 5.7 billion crowns worth of exports in 2019, the figure in 2015 climbed to 15.0 billion crowns. It has not been a steady rise, the figure for 2014 fell back to 12.3 billion crowns for the year earlier total of 13.3 billion, but the trend is clear.

One of the reasons for the Czech success is the fact that the Australian economy appears resistant to downturns. It has an uninterrupted growth record for 26 years running, one of the main factors for that its that its raw material richness has been plugged into ever greater demand from China and other Asian states. But domestic demand for goods has also surged, Radio Praha writes.

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