28th August 2017

Radio Praha: Prague outlines stricter stand on booming Airbnb offers

Prague City Hall has sent a clear message to those offering rooms and flats on Airbnb and other providers that it will more strictly enforce their responsibilities in the future. A working group this week recommended council leaders tackle problems linked with the booming rental sector saying abuses already cost the city around 120 million crowns a year, Radio Praha writes.. 

In recent years, Prague has seen a huge surge in the number of people offering their rooms or apartments for rent. Over the past five years, Airbnb and other similar platforms are estimated to have increased their offer 20-fold. Currently, Prague is estimated to be offering around 14,000 flats and rooms for short stays. 

Prague councillors warn that the surge in tourist apartments is driving up rents and excluding locals from the centre of the city. Councillor Jan Wolf is in charge of tourism and a specific working group aiming to tackle the problem: 

“At the moment, we simply want to raise awareness of the current legislation. There will be a large banner on our website highlighting the rights and obligations of both accommodation providers and their clients. They will also find all kinds of information there, such as where to send the fees or where to register their visitors.

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