6th June 2016

AmCham Policy Report - Issue 6 - June 6: The Future of Prague: Making Stuff Here, Selling It There

Cities attract people of different talents and skills. Its streets and buildings form competitive cauldrons where these differences are refined into specialization. Specializations combine into industries that produce a sum greater than the individual parts. Those sums are then sold elsewhere to create wealth. 

Cities, then, are the deep sea vent of economies: the place where elements collide to create new forms of life. That makes them vital for any national strategy of growth. In fact, such a strategy should piece together how the cities within a country’s borders can complement each other as they compete.

Prague, today, has a challenge. For centuries, the city has been a primary generator of Czech economic growth. Now, due to the circumstances of history, the city could become stranded in a no-man’s land between macro-regions centered around Berlin, Munich or Vienna. City planners, and national strategists, must be alert to this possibility, and seek to counter the pull of these great European cities.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic