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This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

Spotlight issue

7th June 2022 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

AmCham Real Estate Council Intel session: "Unless the salaries and the economic output of the country rise, it is difficult to generate more tax per capita."

On June 1, AmCham Real Estate Council held an intel session on industrial development with Pavel Sovička of Panattoni Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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8th February 2023 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

AmCham Real Estate Council: Supply of residential housing will not grow rapidly also due to uncertainty about the way forward on the new construction law

Land-use policy can be separated roughly into three processes: decisions on land use (or development), creating zoning requirements to facilitate the land use plan, and permitting to ensure that those developing the land abide by zoning requirements (and therefore the land-use plan).
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1st December 2022 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

CTP is building the most modern office building in Central Europe on a former brownfield in Brno, where the post office will be delivered by drones

CTP, the largest developer of sustainable industrial and logistics parks in the Czech Republic, will build a completely new office building – Building I – in the premium office complex Vlněna, which is located on the territory of a former Brno brownfield. In the center of the Moravian metropolis, an iconic building with unique architecture, designed by Studio acht, will be built by mid-2024. The 61-meter-high building with a unique glass façade will cost the developer CZK 600 million.
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15th November 2022 / Competitiveness / Business and Industry

AmCham Real Estate Council: For us to become an innovative economy, the way we plan to use our land must also be innovative

Pavel Sovička of Panattoni and others discussed Finland's impressive efforts to digitize their land use with Pekka Virkamaki, Anna-Riitta Kallinen and Mika Lautanala of the Finnish Ministry of Environment, Finance, and Embassy,
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