Competitiveness / Energy and Environment

This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

Spotlight issue

22nd April 2018 / Competitiveness / Energy and Environment

Eurostat: Czech Republic's energy dependency rate was 32.8% in 2016, 6th best result in EU

In 2016, Estonia (6.8%) was the Member State least dependent on imported energy, ahead of Denmark (13.9%), Romania (22.3%), Poland (30.3%), Sweden (31.9%) and the Czech Republic (32.8%). At the opposite end of the scale, the highest energy dependence rates were registered in Malta (slightly over 100% because of the build-up of stock), Cyprus (96.2%) and Luxembourg (96.1%), followed by Italy (77.5%), Lithuania (77.4%) and Belgium (76.0%).
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4th April 2018 / Competitiveness / Energy and Environment

Electromobility is a Way to Sustainability for MONETA Money Bank

At MONETA Money Bank, the fourth largest domestic bank with one million customers, we focus on sustainability to achieve long-term success and profitability.  
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23rd March 2018 / Competitiveness / Energy and Environment

IEA Global energy and CO₂ status report

* 2017 was the warmest non-El Niño year * 2015, 2016, 2017 warmest years on record * Consistent across all datasets 
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9th March 2018 / Competitiveness / Energy and Environment

OECD Taxing Energy Use 2018

OECD Taxing Energy Use 2018 report describes patterns of energy taxation in 42 OECD and G20 countries (representing approximately 80% of global energy use), by fuels and sectors over the 2012-2015 period.
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13th February 2018 / Competitiveness / Energy and Environment

LeasePlan Czech Republic: Spotlight on emissions: Exploring greener alternatives for fuel

The attitude of fleet managers in the Czech Republic to the topic of the electric car is highly influenced by two factors. As shown by our international survey, the emphasis on the price of the instalments of a leasing contract is stronger than in the Western European countries. It is also important to say that the awareness of environmental problems in the Czech Republic is not as deep as in those countries.
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