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This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

Spotlight issue

20th February 2018 / Competitiveness / Tax & Finance

Open Society/Radio Prague: Study: Almost 10 percent of population pursued by debt collectors

An enormous number of Czechs – almost 10 percent of those over the age of 15 – are in trouble with debt-collecting bailiffs. Indeed, more than 150,000 people in this country are facing a minimum of 10 distraint orders, according to the latest edition of a map of such cases released in mid-February, Radio Prague writes based on Open Society non-profit organization study. 
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14th February 2018 / Competitiveness / Tax & Finance

Czechs will Spend 174 Days Working to Pay Taxes as this Year’s Tax Freedom Day Falls on 23 June

With this year’s date the latest ever recorded, Tax Freedom Day is slipping further away from the start of the year. This year, tax payers in the Czech Republic will spend 174 days working to pay taxes, which is one more day than last year. According to Deloitte, Tax Freedom Day will fall on 23 June 2018. Approximately the same as in the Czech Republic will apply to the Netherlands, Germany and Slovenia. Tax payers will have to spend the most days paying taxes to the government in France and Luxembourg, while the fewest in Romania and Bulgaria.  
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16th January 2018 / Competitiveness / Tax & Finance

OECD Revenue Statistics 2017: The Czech Republic ranked 18th out of 35 OECD countries in terms of the tax-to-GDP ratio in 2016, up one place

The OECD’s annual Revenue Statistics report found that the tax-to-GDP ratio in the Czech Republic increased by 0.7 percentage points, from 33.3% in 2015 to 34.0% in 2016.
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15th January 2018 / Competitiveness / Tax & Finance

Optimism and the satisfaction of entrepreneurs break records

Optimism and the satisfaction of small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs are breaking records. Companies expectations index in the fourth quarter of 2017 increased by 12.5 points to its highest ever value of 41.6 points. Three quarters of respondents expressed their satisfaction with the economic development in the Czech Republic. This results from a regular survey by ČSOB, which quarterly inspects the mood and plans of the SME sector in the areas of demand, investment and business expansion.  
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