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This section feature research, opinion and progress reports on how the Czech Republic compares to other EU countries economically. It includes analysis of international rankings such as the WEF and World Bank.

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29th November 2016 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

HR experts on workforce shortage in the Czech Republic - opinions, data, possible solutions

The total number of available jobs by the end of 2015 was around 108,000, which, compared to the situation in January 2015, represents an increase by nearly 75%, says Ladislav Kučera, Managing Director of Hays Czech Republic, adding that even despite the significant rise in the number of available jobs and hard to fill jobs, companies have not yet resorted to significant wage increases.
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17th August 2017 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

Hays Czech Republic: IT Contracting Salary Guide 2017/2018

The IT sector has been on the rise in recent years. Employee opportunities are rising as well as demand for external workers - IT contractors. The IT sector has been experiencing a major recovery for several years now and we forecast that the next year will again be a very fruitful period for the IT sector, Hays Czech Republic says, adding that it’s important that companies recognise that if they choose to use an external specialist they will get an invaluable and quick technological advantage over their competitors. The market is becoming and will become a very much candidate-led market as contractors have the choice of projects and salaries.
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17th August 2017 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

Petyovsky & Partners: The Czech Republic: Wide Ranging Changes of the Immigration Law Become Effective

On August 15, 2017, the amendment of the Act on Stay of Foreigners in the Czech Republic became effective. The main aim of the amendment is to transpose the Directive 2014/66/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 on the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals in the framework of an intra-corporate transfer ("ICT Directive"), however, the amendment brings significant changes in all the key areas of business immigration in the Czech Republic.
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16th August 2017 / Competitiveness / Employment and Social Affairs

AmCham Research: Population Trends: Age, Economic Activity, Education, Internal Migration, 2005-2017

Both business people and politicians are focused on the workforce. Business are trying every possible way to find the people they need so that their business and the national economy can grow. Some politicians are claiming credit for starving the supply of workforce in order to raise wages. When policies conflict with economic reality, something will break. We need to do something about the economic policies before they cause an economic crisis.  Both those policies and individual business decisions need to be based on a thorough understanding of what is happening to the demographics and the development of the workforce. That is why we are preparing a series of statistical studies on trends in the workforce. This brief steps back to look at general population trends. 
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