24th July 2016

BDO International Business Compass 2016: Czech Republic ranks 26th worldwide, but its potential is below average in regional comparison

According to the 2016 BDO International Business Compass, the Czech Republic ranks 26th in overall social and economic development worldwide, down one place compared with 2015. Also, the country ranks 4th for market potential within the Eastern European region (which includes Central Europe); this is below the region's average. 

In global weighting, the country had higher scores for politico-legal conditions than for economic and socio-cultural conditions. In regional weighting, the Czech Republic has above-average scores for its potential as a production base. In terms of foreign direct investment, transport infrastructure or energy infrastructure, in regional weighting, the country finds itself below the regional average. Read more here (in English).

The BDO International Business Compass is a web tool that provides a means to evaluate the overall social and economic development of countries and regions, ultimately making it possible to rank countries in terms of their investment potential. It provides an overall classification of 174 countries worldwide, including an assessment of the general suitability of each country as a potential market or production location. The report also includes detailed analysis on infrastructure segments for the economy – transport, energy and telecommunications.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic