1st December 2022

CTP is building the most modern office building in Central Europe on a former brownfield in Brno, where the post office will be delivered by drones

Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development for CTP ČR, explained:

“Brno has long been an important region for us, where we have been intensively developing all our activities, which, as I firmly believe, positively contribute to the reputation of Brno as the most innovative city in the Czech Republic. With each new project, we want to raise the bar a little higher. In the case of Building I, we combine premium design with state-of-the-art technology. New possibilities will be brought by the unique façade, as well as the whole concept of smart office space. The icing on the cake is the drone mail system, which in this form has not yet been used anywhere in the Czech Republic.”

The design of the building was prepared by the architectural studio Studio acht and the Swiss company Sauter participated in the technical solution. The architects designed a glazed “sawtooth” façade for CTP, which has never been used anywhere in Europe before. Its implementation will be very demanding not only financially, but also from a technical point of view. The aim is to make maximum use of the concept of a completely glazed building. Workplaces in offices will therefore be seated inside the building along the windows so that they offer optimal lighting conditions and attractive views of the whole of Brno to as many of its users as possible. The technical solution of this unique glass façade is in charge of the renowned company MFS Group, which has completed a number of successful projects in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Strasbourg and Düsseldorf.

Václav Hlaváček, architect of Studio acht, commented:

“We have been cooperating with CTP for many years and together we have managed to build successful projects that push the boundaries of modern office buildings with their state-of-the-art elements, whether architectural or technological. Building I will stand out for its unique design and overall technological concept, thanks to which it will be not only a beautiful building, but also a highly functional office space.”

The concept of smart offices includes, for example, lighting that will be controlled by intelligent technology. The sensor recognizes how many people are in a given place and regulates the intensity of illumination of individual workplaces accordingly. This system will not only ensure high light comfort of each workplace, but will also bring energy savings, because it will be lit only when and at the intensity as needed. The building’s air quality will also be under control thanks to intelligent heating, cooling, recuperation and humidity control.

Among other things, a unique drone mail system will be available to the tenants of the building. Drone helipad is a unique solution for receiving shipments from drones or other unmanned systems that will be guided by laser sensors, so-called LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), to the roof of the building. This unique tailor-made solution is developed by 3L Robotics and CTP will be the first company to install Drone helipad in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Luboš Lněnička, Product Manager at 3L Robotics, said:

“We greatly appreciate CTP's innovative approach to the future of buildings. The solution we have jointly designed is not only for current needs, but mainly a visionary solution for the future. With this step, we will help in the development of services for Drone Delivery and together we will create places where these shipments can be safely handed over.”


As with all of its projects in its portfolio, CTP placed great emphasis on sustainability in the case of this building. With its workmanship and equipment, it will rank among passive buildings and aim for the highest BREEAM Outstanding and WELL Platinum certifications. Building materials with a low carbon footprint are used for construction. Upon completion, in addition to intelligently controlled lighting and air quality control, grey water will also be used. The 61-meter-high building with sixteen above-ground and one underground floors will cost CZK 600 million. CTP is currently implementing monolithic parts of the building and the building should be completed within two years.

The young hi-tech multifunctional complex Vlněna, where this unique administrative building will be built, covers almost 80,000m2. In addition to eight modern office buildings, which are mainly used by IT and technology companies such as Oracle, Avast, Infosys, most recently also Zebra Technologies and KPMG, there are also retail spaces on the premises, such as a fitness center, cafes, restaurants, etc. In the spring of last year, CTP also opened its first coworking center Clubco in Vlněna, which this year expanded by two more floors. In the near future, the multifunctionality of Vlněna will also be complemented by residential spaces.  CTP is currently the largest office developer in Brno with almost 27% market share.

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