27th May 2020

Czech companies perceive belonging as the main priority in human capital

“Our experience shows that the sense of belonging can be strengthened in four basic areas. The first is corporate culture based on respect, the second is the behaviour of leaders as a model of these values, the third is creating an environment where interpersonal relations can thrive and the fourth is fairness. No modern workplace can do without this mix,” says Ondřej Přerovský, Deloitte’s senior manager in human capital advisory.

The second most important trend in the area of human capital is knowledge management (76%) and the third is wellbeing (72%). Globally, these three trends dominate as well, but in a different order – wellbeing is first (80%), belonging second (79%) and knowledge management third (75%).

“Companies focus on belonging in particular due to the conviction that people who have a sense of belonging with their company and are aware of the contribution they make have better results and naturally enjoy their work more. A major challenge, especially given the current situation, is the virtual environment. Employees who often use virtual collaborative tools may feel more isolated,” says Martina Schiestlová, Deloitte’s HR Director.

A solution to the risks of disturbing the sense of belonging may come in the form of innovative approaches to collaboration.

“Modern approaches such as design sprint or agile are almost 100% certain to act as an elixir of life for employees of large companies and corporations. The marriage to one’s job that has lost its passion and element of surprise thus gets a new impulse. Suddenly, people make their voices heard regardless of whether they are introverts or extroverts, they take part in making essential decisions, they get a sense that they matter,” adds Jiří Vávra, Head of Deloitte NEXT

The tail end of the top five major human capital trends in the Czech Republic includes HR analytics (65%) and ethical matters (57%). These are the ones for which Czech companies feel best prepared (54%), similarly to companies globally (51%).


2020 human capital trends in the Czech Republic and worldwide:


Importance (Czech Republic)

Importance (worldwide)

Readiness (Czech Republic)

Readiness (worldwide)

1. Belonging: From comfort to connection to contribution


79% (2.)

48% (4.)

49% (3.)

2. Knowledge management: Creating context for a connected world


75% (3.)

50% (3.)

42% (6-7.)

3. Designing work for well-being: Living and performing at your best


80% (1.)

52% (2.)

50% (2.)

4. Measuring new workforce strategies: New questions for better results


71% (7.)

33% (8.)

41% (8.)

5. Ethics and the future of work: From “could we” to “how should be”


75% (4.)

54% (1.)

51% (1.)

6. A memo to HR: Expand focus and extend influence (HR development)


75% (5.)

35% (7.)

45% (4.)

7. The post-generational workforce: From millennials to perennials


70% (8.)

41% (6.)

43% (5.)

8. The compensation conundrum: Principles for a more human approach


69% (9.)

43% (5.)

40% (9.)

9. Superteams: Putting AI in the group


59% (10.)

26% (10.)

31% (10.)

10. Beyond reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures


74% (6.)

31% (9.)

42% (6-7.)

The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey is available here.


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