5th September 2016

EC: Consumer Markets Scoreboard - 2016 Edition

The European Commission published its 2016 Consumer Markets Scoreboard which monitors EU consumers' ratings of how 42 goods and services markets work. As for the Czech Republic, the top three goods markets in the Czech Republic are ‘Books, magazines and newspapers’, ‘Large household appliances’ and ‘Non-alcoholic drinks’. The poorest performing goods markets are ‘Second-hand cars’, ‘Fruit and vegetables’, and ‘Meat and meat products’. The only negative evolution noted for the goods markets, is an increase in the proportion of problems in the ‘Electronic products’ market since 2013.

Top of the services markets in the Czech Republic are ‘Commercial sport services’, ‘Holiday accommodation’, and ‘Cultural and entertainment services’; the poorest performing markets are ‘Real estate services’, ‘Fixed telephone services’ and ‘Investment products, private pensions and securities’. The services markets have on average a higher proportion of problems, resulting in a score in line with the EU28 average in the problems & detriment component. The services markets perform below average for trust and expectations, with these overall findings reflecting the individual market results.

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