15th June 2016

Eurostat: Food, beverages prices in Czech Republic below EU28 average, except for fish

According to the Eurostat, among EU Member States, Denmark is the most expensive country for food and non-alcoholic beverages. Ireland has the highest price level for alcoholic beverages in the EU, while the United Kingdom is by far the most expensive for tobacco. The lowest prices for food are observed in Poland, for non-alcoholic beverages in Romania and for alcoholic beverages and tobacco in Bulgaria.

Eurostat price level indices for food, beverages and tobacco (2015) show that food price level in the Czech Republic is at 78% of the EU28 avergae, non-alcoholic beverages at 89%, alcoholic beverages at 79%, and price level of tobacco at 60% of EU28 average.

Price level of bread and cereals in the Czech Republic is at 73% of EU28 average, meat at 74%, fish at 103%, cheese and eggs at 83% of EU28 average. Price level of oils and fats is at 98% of EU28 average, and prices of fruits, vegetables and potatoes are at 73% of EU28 average. More details are available here (in English). 

According to the recently published Eurostat data, the Czech Republuc accounts for 1.2% of EU's total harvested production of apples, 0.1% of peaches, 0.2% of strawberries, 0.9% of cherries, 0.2% of cucumbers, and 0.5% share of EU's total harvested production of carrots.

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