15th July 2020

Practical experience with applications under COVID – Rent programme

Practical experience with applications under COVID – Rent programme

On 26 June 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) launched the COVID – Rent programme. Applications should be accepted until 30 September 2020. Persons carrying out retail or performing services may apply for the compensation of rent for April to June 2020 up to 50%, or 80% where the lessor is a public institution.

8 July 2020 Flash news

The basic parameters of the COVID – Rent programme are described in this article

Applications should be submitted via the MIT’s information system. To access the system, every applicant must create an e-ldentity, an identification instrument for whose creation one of the following tools is necessary:

  • eObčanka (electronic identity card)
  • NIA ID (formerly the user account of the eIdentita.cz portal) or UPS
  • Starcos chip card issued by První certifikační autorita, a. s.

In the case of signing in via NIA ID, it is first necessary to activate the account on eIdentita.cz, using eObčanka, a data box (only individuals) or visit any Czech Point. Then it is necessary to register with the MIT’s system: the registration process is simple and can be done directly using the above link.

Considering the tools specified above, it is clear that the applicant signing in to the MIT’s system must be an individual; during the registration process, individuals can specify whether they are applying on behalf of a corporate entity or as a self-employed person.

After signing in to the system, the applicant creates an application that can be saved as an unfinished version and reprocessed repeatedly. It is also possible to file an application through an authorised person based on a verified/notarized power of attorney. In such cases, the appropriate power of attorney must be attached to the application. Any affidavits and documents necessary for the successful submission of an application must be directly loaded into the system; or the applicant may only assert compliance by ticking-off individual requirements in the application. 

If an applicant has several business premises, information about each one of them must be included in the system (including the address and the rent amount). The maximum amount of support is CZK 10 million and its distribution among business premises is up to the applicant, and depends on the rent amounts. Applicants must also describe the ownership structure of their business, including a list of statutory representatives and co-owners as well as entities in which applicants hold ownership interests.  

If all necessary appendices and information are available, the application completion should not be very time consuming. In any case, it must be completed correctly and entirely the first time, as incorrectly completed applications may be excluded from the approval process. 
Should you be interested in COVID – Rent support, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you successfully complete your application.


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