25th March 2021

Prague business launched recovery program for SMEs ​

Prague businessmen and experts launched a platform "DoToho!" to support recovery of mostly Prague-based SMEs with turnover from CZK3 million to CZK300 million. The program initiated by AmCham member Opero´s owner Pavel Přikryl and supported by City of Prague, EU funded Prague Smart Accelerator project and other companies such as Google or T-Mobile, will become part of Prague Innovation Strategy. 
"The coronavirus pandemic has buried a number of business activities, and entrepreneurs themselves feel quite insecure and without state support. Prague does not forget about them and creates short-term and long-term forms of support. With this project, we want to help companies recover their business, support growth and stay on the market despite this critical period," said Prague Councilor for Business Support Vít Šimral. 



DoToho! was created as an initiative of the Prague business center Opero, represented by the former manager of consulting companies and investor Pavel Přikryl, together with one of the most successful Czech entrepreneurs Pavel Bouška (VAFO) and the Prague Innovation Institute led by Bob Kartous. The program is for free thanks to the support of the City of Prague and companies such as Google, PRE (Pražská energetika), T-Mobile or PP (Pražská plynárenská). The mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib took over the auspices of the program in order to respond to the need to support entrepreneurs in the City of Prague during the covid crisis. 
"The project is based on professional consulting services and is designed on the basic procedures that are commonly used in the development of startups. However, we engage experts from several fields, we expand the scope of the transmitted information, and we also adapt its form so that it can be used for traditional types of business and the current situation," says Pavel Přikryl.
The program is intended for owners or managers of companies with a turnover of 3 to 300 million CZK or at least three employees. The program includes individual mentoring meetings, workshops, lectures, and a digital library full of inspiration and practical experience.


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