14th July 2017

Timber Institute: What is the Path Towards Improving Timber Consumption in the Czech Republic?

The analysis, conclusions from the international survey carried out by the Timber Institute on behalf of Lesy ČR, focuses on sources, production, consumption balance, production efficiency, and timber import and export according to the timber product category, method of processing, and end-use. An assessment of the environmental impacts of timber products by means of the LCA method (carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Environmental Technology UCT Prague) and their comparison to alternative materials formed a substantial part of the analysis. In the Czech Republic, the use of domestic timber can be increased in many various ways. Based on the survey results, it is recommended to focus on the main areas as stated below:

 focus on sectors with higher added value;
 promotion of timber throughout the general public, building a relationship with it as to regional raw material;
 promotion of timber as a material suitable for building construction;
 programme for future economic development, bioeconomy,
 removing barriers and supporting the processing of timber produced in the Czech Republic

Read the analysis here.

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