18th October 2018

Vlněna: Renaissance of European Engineering and Innovation in Brno

The company occupying the largest space, 8,000 m 2, of this first phase, Avast, is having its own grand opening today.  After completion of the project, which is scheduled for 2020, Vlněna will offer a total area of 90,000 m 2. Other tenants include leading technology companies such as Moravia IT, STRV and Oracle. Vlněna will offer space for up to 10,000 employees with a total investment estimated at almost 160 million EUR. As a result, a new wave of European engineering and invention is emerging in the heart of Brno.

CTP recently reported occupancy rates of phase 1 as high as 90%. The premise offers state-of-the-art facilities utilising the latest technological innovations. This, along with its attractive design and location near downtown Brno, has particularly attracted technological, software, and start-up companies. The second phase, planned for completion in 2020, has already booked over 30% of the space, which includes the technology giant, Oracle.

“The overwhelming majority of clients are companies operating in the field of IT and modern technologies. The premises suits them, both in terms of extra equipment and location, “says Jiří Kostečka, Senior Business Development Manager at CTP and adds, “We believe that timeless products, with worldwide impact, will be developed in this location and we’ve created a space conducive to a sort of renaissance of European engineering and inventiveness.

With respect to sustainability, Vlněna includes state-of-the-art heat and air recovery, comfortable, low-energy cooling, heat pumps, and detailed water consumption metering and water leak prevention. Complete with all amenities and relaxation areas, these modern offices, are easily accessible by public transport as well as by car. The interesting architectonic work, sensitively set in its surroundings, is being created in cooperation with the team of Václav Hlaváček, a renowned architect from Studio acht.  CTP has been collaborating with Studio acht for many years, building many projects together, including DOMEQ, a unique concept for student housing and the Courtyard by Marriott in Brno. In 1993, together with Ben Hoek, Ronald Ver Maas and Willem Kuijt, from Studio acht Rotterdam, Hlaváček founded Studio acht Prague and has since expanded to Brno, Ostrava and Olomouc.

 “These are the most modern offices on the Brno market constructed to aspire to BREEAM certification at the “Excellent” level – a guarantee that the employees will not only feel well, but also work in a healthy and creative environment. The entire project respects sustainability and suitably complements its surroundings,” says Kostečka. “Beyond this, we plan to build a co-working centre within the project and, considering Vlnena’s location, we would like to use outdoor areas for various cultural events so the general public can also benefit from it,” adds Kostečka.

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