22nd August 2022

What are the price trends in rental housing in the Czech Republic? Deloitte Rent Index August 2022

Rents in Prague, regional cities and the Central Bohemia Region rose again in 2Q of 2022, this time by an average of 2.8%. Tenants paid an average of CZK 260 per square metre. The only exception was Ústí nad Labem, where rents fell (by 0.5% to CZK 181 per sqm). Rent prices in Ústí and Labem were also the lowest compared to all other monitored locations. Rent prices rose the most in České Budějovice (by 7.5% to CZK 230 per sqm), Jihlava (by 6.4% to CZK 232 per sqm) and Prague (by 6.3% to CZK 337 per sqm). Prague is also the place with the most expensive average rent in the Czech Republic - the highest price increase was recorded in Prague 1 (by 10% to CZK 396 per sqm), the only price decrease within the capital was recorded in Prague 2 (by 0.8% to CZK 368 per sqm). 

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