19th March 2018

Bisnode Index of Women Influence: Czech Republic ranks low among 11 countries

The Bisnode Index of Women Influence – BIWI – compares various countries according to the influence women have on their economies. The influence of women is measured according to four parameters: share in the number of companies, share in the number of employees, share in revenues and share in net profits. The share of the number of women-owned companies compared to the total number of companies is the base for calculating the BIWI.

This base is then multiplied by the volume of business of women-owned companies, which is measured by the number of employees, revenues and earned net profits.



The ranks used to measure the shares of women entrepreneurs in the total economy according to specific
parameters indicate that Hungarian women entrepreneurs have the largest shares according to the number of
companies and employees. Slovenian women have the largest shares of earned revenues and net profits. More.




Source: Bisnode BIWI

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic