22nd June 2015

Competitiveness: Employment issues: Talent/skills gap widens also in the Czech Republic


Talent Shortage/Skills Gap in the Czech Republic widened from 11 to 18% in 2015, compared with 2014, says the ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage 2015 Survey. It is getting more and more difficult for employers to find suitable, meaning skilled or talented employees, the report says. Requirements of employers are changing at a much faster pace, due to the technological progress, than the qualification structure of the population. What is more, the current demographic trend means that active population in developed countries is shrinking, says Jaroslava Rezlerová of ManpowerGroup ČR and SR. As for the Czech Republic, there is a lack of artisans, technicians, engineers, sales representatives and IT specialists. What is new is the growing lack of unqualified workers, such as installation/assembling and warehouse workers, for example. According to PwC Czech Republic, three quarters of CEOs included in their survey fear talent shortage/skills gap. One third of CEOs included in the survey consider this to be a major threat for their business, said Daniel Soukup, HR specialist of PwC Czech Republic. Click here to read more.

Amazon si trying to attract employees with offers of completing education within 1-4 years, the costs (paid by the employer) reaching up to 120,000 CZK, according to Šárka Semeráková, HR manager at Amazon. These employees could be promoted to higher positions within the company in the future, Jaroslava Rezlerová says for the Ekonomika ČT24 program. As for the talent shortage, the situation is so alarming that some companies consider hiring less qualified labor or foreigners.(Source: Ekonomika CT24, 12.6.2015)

According to a survey conducted in 29 European countries by Deloitte, the Czech Republic has 3rd highest costs of firing for organisational reasons employees with limited short-term work experience. Firing of an experienced employee is relatively cheap, compared with other European countries. Click here to read more.

Seven chambers of commerce operating in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Association of Providers of Personnel Services commented on the draft amendment to the Act on Employment written by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs addressing the isssue of temporary employment and chaining of fixed-term contracts, among others.

According to Eurostat findings, job vacancy rate increase in the Czech Republic was the highest among EU28 member states year-on-year in Q1 2015 (+0.7 percentage points year-on-year).

One the one hand, less than one-third of Czech employers enable their employees to work from home. On the other hand, only less than ten percent of employees work from home at least half of one day per week, according to the June issue of the Czech Statistical Office journal Statistika a my.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic