6th May 2014

Competitiveness: “Green Card” ends, now it’s “Employee Card”

President Miloš Zeman signed an amendment to a bill that regulates the policy regarding foreigners. Foreigners that come to Czech Republic to work here will no longer receive so called “Green Card” and they will receive “Employee Card” instead. This change means that those who are coming to legally work here will be no longer obliged to obtain both working permit and the Green Card and they would receive only Employee Card. Only one application will be needed. The amendment introduces conditions under which would the applicant be eligible to obtain the Employee Card. It also introduces conditions for receiving social support including family members and children. Foreigner will be eligible for certain social benefits such as child allowances, birth allowance or funeral grant. Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec in discussion with senators confirmed that the estimated cost of this amendment could cost up to CZK 1bn a year and that approximately 30 000 foreigners are expected to apply for the new card this year. Two thirds of these would be only renewing their permits in some way. The card is going to be issued by the Ministry of Interior exclusively for the jobs in evidence of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Simplified procedure for the foreigners will also mean less bureaucracy on the side of state authorities. On the other hand so called “Blue Card” designed for the highly qualified employees should stay unchanged.

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