15th November 2017

CPL Jobs Salary Survey 2017 CZ & SK

  • Unemployment rate in Czech Republic is now one of the lowest in EU – 3,2%. Unemployment rate in Slovakia is 6,9% (June 2017), YTD difference is -2,55%
  • Currently, there are approx. 188 000 open roles on the Czech job market. We are facing a similar situation in Slovakia, with approx. 62 000 open roles.

  • The Czech Republic remains an attractive destination for new investors, even though new investments struggle with hiring the right people.

  • Apart from salary raise and revision of benefits policies, companies are trying to be much more visible as the preferred employer.

  • HR Marketing and Employer Branding tend to be a strategic goals for many organizations.

  • As a lot of roles are opened for junior candidates, companies are trying to move their hiring strategies from LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram

    and other social media channels.

  • Companies consider sourcing employees from abroad, not just for specific roles such as IT, but also for roles in warehouses and engineering/

    manufacturing companies and construction.

  • For candidates it is important to work with an interesting product/service with newest technologies (IT/engineering), all within

    innovative environment.

  • Whenever candidates are able to relate to the brand, product or technology, they are more willing to accept the job offer.

Do you want to know more? Read CPL Salary Survey 2017 which you can download here

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