5th May 2017

Eurostat: 1 in 10 Czech employees has temporary contract

According to Eurostat, more than 1 in 5 employees had a temporary contract in 2016 in Poland (27.5%), Spain (26.1%), Portugal (22.3%), Croatia (22.2%) and the Netherlands (20.6%). At the opposite end of the scale, temporary employees accounted for less than 5% of all employees in Romania (1.4%), Lithuania (2.0%), Estonia and Latvia (both 3.7%) as well as in Bulgaria (4.1%). 

In the Czech Republic, it is approximately 1 in 10 employees and it is rather the case of female (11.7%) employees than male employees (8.1%). The share of employees with a temporary contract has increased slightly since 2010 (around 8%). Read more.

Read also a summary by Trexima on Czech median wages (in Czech) showing that in 2016, the gap between the lowest and the highest wages did not widen. In relative terms, low median wages in services and low-skilled jobs recorded the highest growth. In absolute terms, technicians (9.9%), professionals (5.9%) and managers (3.9%) saw the greatest wage increase, especially in ICT, finance & insurance and real esate sectors.  

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