20th September 2017

Eurostat: Average length of working life of Czechs is just above 35 years

In 2016, people in European Union (EU) could be expected to work for an average of 35.6 years, up by 1.8 years compared with 2006. Over this 10-year period, the 'duration of working life' increased more rapidly for women (33.1 years in 2016 compared with 30.6 years in 2006, or +2.5 years) than for men (38.0 years in 2016 contrasting with 36.9 years in 2006, or +1.1 year), Eurostat says.

The 'duration of working life' indicator measures the number of years a person, aged 15, can expect to be active in the labour market, either employed or unemployed, throughout his/her life.

The Czech Republic had the expected average working life at the EU average of 35.6 years. More details in the Source article. Look also at the population turnover figures by Eurostat.


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